Objectives & Outcomes


  • To have some knowledge & understanding of historical developments in the wider world
  • To help children’s to understand society & their place within it.
  • To develop critical & analytical thinking
  • To develop sense of their cultural heritage
  • To develop the skills of inquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation & presentation.
  • History helps to develop understanding of the world
  • History helps students to learn to understand other people.
  • History teaches a working understanding of change
  • History makes students, better decision makers
  • To bring desire changes in students’ attitude.
  • To shape behavior & conduct
  • Acquisition of knowledge
  • To improve the learning skills of students
  • Formation of belief
  • To become a social & efficient members of society.


  • To develop creative & analytical thinking
  • Research oriented perspective in the field
  • Enhanced knowledge of History
  • Theoretical & critical approaches
  • Critical thinking & research skills
  • Communication skills
  • Writing & intellectual integration
  • Strength & growth
  • Popular subject for State & Union Civil Service exams
  • Working collaboratively with others
  • Showing perseverance & commitment
  • Global engagement
  • Recognized & consider the ethics of choices & actions.
  • Good understanding & knowledge of global history in other region of the world.
  • Good knowledge & problem solving skills in analyzing contemporary & historical events.
  • To be able to ask thoughtful questions.
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